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: creative writing competition

A huge thank you to all the classes who entered the competition. We loved reading the entries and were very impressed with everyone’s work.

We wanted to say well done to these pupils whose work we thought was extra fantastic!

Year 3

James H (Fircroft), Isabel D (Rookwood), Josh A (Rookwood), Olivia M (Rookwood), Arthur M (Seely), Esohe N (Seely), Eva (St Mary’s), Jos (Stavely), Aaron Z (Watford St John’s), Finn H (Watford St John’s), Nancy O (Watford St John’s)

Year 5

MMS (Barton Seagrave), Beatrice S (Blaby Stokes), Adam S (Burrington), Cecily A (Burrington), Louis L (Burrington),Esther (Churchend), Francesca (Dunnington), Hannah S (Dunnington), Robyn (Dunnington), Ethan (Five Ways), Ameera (Hope Hamilton), Mila A (Seely), Solomon (Seely), Chloe C (Shaftesbury Park), Anjika (St Helen’s), April (St John’s), Connie (Street Lane), Ellie (Street Lane), Eva (Street Lane), Elizabeth Y (William Ransom), Raghav J (William Ransom), Alys L (Wincle), Isabel (Wincle), Sophie (Wincle), Islay (Yatton), Oscar (Yatton)

Year 4

Josh W (Hamilton), Lily S (Stow), Grace R (Raeburn), Rachel S (Raeburn), Eleanor H (St Peter’s), Imogen P (St Peter’s), Lillie-Mae (St Peter’s), Ellie D (Wincle), Harriet M (Wincle)

Year 6

Lois A (Alford), Sam K (Alford), Abdul A (Anns Grove), Olive (Anns Grove), Mitchell S (Brimmond), Phoebe H (Brookland), Charlotte J (Burrington), Emilia S (Burrington), Goldie R (Gladestry), Lucie H (Ocklynge), Sam L-G (Ocklynge), Freddy P (Pheasey Park Farm), Oscar H (Rolph), Jai W (Sacred Heart), Joanna (Seely), Amy M (South Street), Emma Lou (St James’s), Lily M (Stow), Chloe W (Truro), Jyoti E (Truro), Aksharan A (Westbury House), Thivina M (Westbury House)