Dictionary skills: golden mole

3 - Whiteboard Challenges

Whiteboard Challenges

Challenge 1

Have a look at the first sentence. Is the word in bold spelt correctly? Use your dictionary to find out. What is the dictionary definition (meaning) of this word?

Challenge 2

Read the second sentence. Using the first two or three letters of the word highlighted in bold, how quickly can you find its meaning in a dictionary?

Challenge 3

The Word Wall contains some great vocabulary to help you think about golden moles. Can you put all the words in alphabetical order? Do you need to use a dictionary to find the meanings of any of the words so you can use them confidently?

Whiteboard Challenges

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1) Golden moles are mainly nocternal animals, which means they are active at night.

2) The golden mole is a diminutive creature with silky fur, webbed feet, curved claws and muscular shoulders.

Word Wall

burrowing insectivore termites webbed muscular vibrations tracks vision silky