Fronted adverbials: fennec fox

1 - Learning Objective

Learning Objective

We can use a fronted adverbial to show when, where or how something happened.

Context: fennec fox

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Credit: BBC One - Super Cute Animals

Clip Description

The fennec fox may be the smallest of all the world’s foxes, but its ears are enormous. Found in the Sahara Desert and other parts of North Africa, their bat-like ears give them superb hearing to track down prey.

In this fascinating clip, we see a pair of fennec foxes travelling for miles across the desert in search of food. The hunt is more like a game of hide-and-seek as their prey (a lizard) easily hides in the hot Saharan sand. With the ability to hear the beating heart of a mouse beneath the surface, will they find what they are looking for? Watch the clip to find out.

Discuss the meaning of each word highlighted in bold.

Word Challenge

Can you list some words/phrases that best describe a fennec fox’s ears?

e.g. bat-like, roving satellite dishes, …