Headings and subheadings: African elephant

1 - Learning Objective

Learning Objective

We are learning how to use headings and subheadings when presenting and structuring writing.

Context: African elephant


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Credit: BBC Two - Natural World

Clip Description

African elephants are the biggest land animals on earth. To fuel their massive bodies, adults need to eat up to 150 kilograms of vegetation every day.

In this fascinating clip, we follow a baby African elephant and her young mother as they travel across Kenya’s savannah wilderness. There are so many new things to learn (for both mother and child), and making mistakes is all part of the learning process. Will the youngster be able to make it up a riverbank of slippery mud? Watch the clip to find out.

Discuss the meaning of each word highlighted in bold.

Word Challenge

This clip shows how a very special relationship exists between different family members of a matriarchal herd. Can you list some words that best describe this relationship?

e.g. trusting, caring, cooperation, …