Headings and subheadings: kingfisher

1 - Learning Objective

Learning Objective

We are learning how to use headings and subheadings when presenting and structuring writing.

Context: common kingfisher


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Credit: BBC Two - Natural World

Clip Description

Walking along a slow-moving river, you might see a flash of bright blue from the corner of your eye. You may just be imagining it, or you may have just caught a glimpse of the beautiful common kingfisher!

In this fascinating clip, a dazzling common kingfisher is filmed in slow motion. Watch as this bright-coloured expert dives down, piercing the water and snatching its chosen fish away in its long beak. However, darting down through the water is the easy part. Will our feathered friend be able to hold on to his wriggling catch as he flies through the air? Watch the clip to find out.

Discuss the meaning of each word highlighted in bold.

Word Challenge

Why use one adjective when you can use two?  Find pairs of adjectives to describe a common kingfisher. (Think about the kingfisher’s body parts – its beak, feathers, eyes, head and wings.)

e.g. the skilful and patient fisherman, the sharp and deadly beak, …