Phrases and clauses: pink river dolphin

1 - Learning Objective

Learning Objective

We are learning how to identify the difference between a phrase and a clause.

Context: pink river dolphin

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Credit: BBC Two - Earth's Great Rivers

Clip Description

When we think of dolphins, we might picture them diving in and out of crystal blue ocean waters. However, there are some species of dolphin that live in rivers. The pink river dolphin, is one such species, and it can found in the mighty Amazon River.

In this fascinating clip, we see pink river dolphins cruising around the flooded river, searching for tasty fish. Watch how they twist around the roots and branches of submerged trees. Unlike sea water, the river water is dark and murky, so how do you think the dolphins find their food?

Discuss the meaning of each word highlighted in bold.

Word Challenge

Can you make a list of verbs that describe the various movements of the pink river dolphins as they search for food? You can add some further description by following each word with an adverb.

e.g. glided gracefully, twisted gleefully, …