Proofreading: dikkop bird

1 - Learning Objective

Learning Objective

We are learning how to proofread our work for spelling and punctuation errors.

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Credit: BBC One - Spy in the Wild

Clip Description

Dikkops are incredible birds. They live on the grassy (savannah) plains of Africa. Despite being only 45cm tall, dikkops are famous for standing up to much larger, scary-looking predators that try to steal their precious eggs.

In this fascinating clip, we meet a pair of dikkops who have chosen to lay their eggs near a crocodile’s laying ground. Unwisely, a passing monitor lizard tries to steal the crocodile’s eggs, spurring the feisty dikkops into action. Will they be able to fend off the hungry predator? Watch the clip to find out.

Discuss the meaning of each word highlighted in bold.

Word Challenge

Dikkop birds are often described as ‘plucky’. How else might you describe these remarkable birds?

e.g. brave, gutsy, heroic?