Exciting Sentence Openers: tusk fish

2 - The Grammar Bit

The Grammar Bit!

Read the four sentences opposite. You’ll notice that they each start in a really interesting way (highlighted in bold).

  • The first sentence starts with a ‘ly’ ending adverb.
  • The second sentence starts with an ‘ing’ ending verb.
  • The third sentence starts with an ‘ed’ ending verb.
  • The fourth sentence starts with a simile. Don’t forget that a simile is descriptive tool that uses the words ‘as’ or ‘like’ to compare one thing to something else.

With your talk partner, see if you can replace the words ‘speedily,’ ‘throwing’ and ‘smashed’ with suitable alternatives. Can you also replace the simile ‘Like a hammer’ with your own?

Scintillating Sentences

1) Speedily, the tusk fish swims to its underwater kitchen to open the clam.

2) Throwing the clam against the coral, the tusk fish tries to get to its food.

3) Smashed against the coral, the clam shell eventually breaks apart.

4) Like a hammer, the tusk fish hits the clam repeatedly against the coral.

Did you know?

The stunning harlequin tusk fish usually has eight pairs of alternating orange, blue and white bands on its body and prominent sharp, blue teeth.