Prepositions: draco lizard

4 - Writing Ideas

Inspired by Nature Worksheet

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Writing Ideas

  • You are an explorer and the first person ever to have witnessed the incredible flying Draco lizards of Malaysia. Your challenge is to convince others back home that dragons really do exist. Under the title ‘Dragons Are Real,’ write a short newspaper article about your discovery.
  • A kenning is a way of describing something in poetry without saying directly what you are describing. For example a sheep might be described as a ‘wool wearer’ or a tree could be a ‘leaf bearer.’ Using some strong words (use a dictionary to help you), write a kenning poem to describe a Draco lizard.
  • Write a story about two rival Draco lizards and how they fight over their territory. Give them characters and bring them to life. What is so special about the tree that they are fighting over? Who will be victorious?

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