Prepositions: leopard

2 - The Grammar Bit

The Grammar Bit!

Read the three sentences opposite. They each contain a preposition (bold). A preposition is a word (or sometimes a phrase) that indicates the relationship, typically in terms of place or time, between two or more things, people or events.

In the first sentence, the preposition ‘next’ tells us where the cubs were play-fighting in relation to the jeep. Other place prepositions include in front of, inside, behind, below and above.

In the second sentence, the preposition ‘while’ tells us when the leopard was eating in relation to the actions of the hyenas. Other time prepositions include before, after, at and since.

In the third sentence the preposition ‘towards’ tells us the direction in which the leopard moved in relation to the gazelle. Other direction prepositions include around, through, into and along.

With your talk partner, say each sentence aloud with a different preposition from the lists above. Which ones work best?

Scintillating Sentences

1) As the storm clouds cleared, the boisterous leopard cubs began play-fighting next to the camouflaged jeep.

2) High up in the branch of a tree, a leopard began to devour its meal, while a pack of beady-eyed hyenas watched from far below.

3) As a lightning bolt lit up the night sky, the leopard moved stealthily towards the grazing gazelle.

Did you know?

Most leopards are light coloured with distinctive dark spots called rosettes. However, some leopards have black fur and spots that are difficult to see. These leopards are called black panthers. (In fact, this name is given to any large cat with a black coat.)