Pronouns: whale shark

4 - Writing Ideas

Inspired by Nature Worksheet

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Writing Ideas

  • Hot seat the whale shark in the main clip. What 3 questions would you ask it? How will the whale shark reply?
  • Write a diary entry from the viewpoint of the whale shark. Recount the events and describe your thoughts and feelings. Why are you here? What happens? How do you feel about it? Where do you go next? Why?
  • Write a list poem that describes how the different fish (e.g. hammer-head shark, silky shark, whale shark etc.) move through the water. Follow this structure:

Adverb – Verb – Preposition – Adjective – Noun


The whale shark,

Confidently gliding through warm blue water.


Related Clip

Plankton is not the only food for a whale shark.

Credit: BBC One – Planet Earth