Direct speech: harpy eagle

1 - Learning Objective

Learning Objective

We are learning how to incorporate the actions of the speaker when writing sentences that include direct speech.

Context: harpy eagle

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Credit: BBC One - The Hunt

Clip Description

Named after the harpies of Greek mythology (frightful flying creatures with hooked beaks and claws), the harpy eagle is one of the world’s largest eagles. With a wingspan that can reach almost two metres, an adult is able to snatch a monkey from the top of a tree and carry it away to its nest.

In this fascinating clip, a Venezuelan vet, Alexander Blanco, scales a tree to reach a harpy chick. His intention is to tag it and fit it with a tracking device. However, as he starts his descent, disaster strikes. Why does Alexander end up in hospital? Watch the clip to find out.

Word Challenge

Can you list some words/phrases that describe how Alexander might have felt before, during and after grabbing the harpy eagle by its talons?

e.g. (before) wary, (during) alert, (after) agonizing pain,…