Expanded noun phrases: dung beetle

3 - Whiteboard Challenges

Whiteboard Challenges

Challenge 1
Copy and improve the first sentence by putting an adjective before each noun.

Challenge 2
Expand the second sentence with more information about the dung beetle, and replace the existing adjectives with some great alternatives.

Challenge 3
Using some of the words from the Word Wall, write your own scintillating sentence about the dung beetle in the film clip. It must include one (or more) really effective expanded noun phrases. See if you can include either a prepositional phrase or a relative clause.

Whiteboard Challenges

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1) The _____ dung beetle used its __________ legs to roll the dung ball across the ______ desert.

2) The hapless dung beetle, with _________________ , tumbled down the enormous sand dune.

Word Wall

dung beetle sand dune Sahara Desert roasting sand inextinguishable baked alive survival instinct hostile environment endless shimmering scuttled