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Expanded noun phrases: Portuguese man o'war

2 - The Grammar Bit

The Grammar Bit!

Read the three sentences opposite. They each contain one or more expanded noun phrase (bold). Effective expanded noun phrases should build description of nouns in a quick and precise way.

The most common way to do this is by adding an adjective before the noun. e.g. ‘the lethal tentacles.’

You can also build description by adding a prepositional phrase or a relative clause after the noun. e.g. ‘The washed-up Portuguese man o’war, with its sail-like bladder (prepositional phrase) and ‘The scaly husks, which shimmered like confetti in the sea’ (relative clause).

With your talk partner, take one of the sentences opposite, and see if you can say the sentence aloud with an alternative expanded noun phrase.

Scintillating Sentences

1) The lethal tentacles paralysed the fish.

2) The washed-up Portuguese man o’war, with its sail-like bladder, was attracting the attention of the holiday makers.

3) The scaly husks, which shimmered like confetti in the sea, were all that remained of the unfortunate fish.

Portuguese man o’ wars can’t swim. Instead, they use wind and ocean currents to propel themselves forwards.