Modal verbs: lynx

1 - Learning Objective

Learning Objective

We are learning how to write sentences that include modal verbs to show degrees of possibility.

Context: lynx

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Credit: BBC One - Seven Worlds, One Planet

Clip Description

Lynx are members of the cat family. They have beautiful markings on their thick fur and distinctive black tufts on the tips of their ears. (Scientists think that the tufts help improve their hearing, which, like their eyesight, is excellent.)

In this fascinating clip, an Iberian lynx is filmed roaming through a landscape shaped by humankind. Here, it must negotiate alien obstacles such as busy roads and wire fences. The Iberian lynx remains one of the world’s most endangered cats, having been brought back from the brink of extinction.(In 2002 there were fewer than 100 individuals in the wild.) What has been done to help increase the population of this majestic animal? Watch the clip to find out.

Word Challenge

Can you make a list of expanded noun phrases that accurately describe the different body parts of an Iberian lynx?

e.g. an inky-black tail, a flared facial ruff, two glassy eyes, …