Parenthesis: pebble toad

3 - Whiteboard Challenges

Whiteboard Challenges

Challenge 1
Rewrite the first sentence, changing the parenthesis inside the brackets.
Challenge 2
Rewrite the second sentence by adding your own parenthesis (using either brackets, dashes or commas) after the word “toad.”
Challenge 3
Write your own scintillating sentence about the animals featured in the film clip, and include a parenthesis. Try to use some of the descriptive words from the Word Wall.

Whiteboard Challenges

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1) The daredevil toad (the size of a fingertip) cartwheeled down the cliff face.

2) Once again, the fearless toad outwitted the tarantula.

Word Wall

hunter paradise motionless ambushed daredevil tensed rigid bounced amphibian cartwheeled plunged pebble toad toad-eating tarantula