Relative clauses: African elephant

1 - Learning Objective

Learning Objective

We are learning how to write sentences that contain relative clauses.

Context: African elephant

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Credit: BBC One - Nature's Epic Journeys

Clip Description

African elephants are the biggest land animals on Earth. To fuel their massive bodies, adults need to eat up to 150 kilograms of vegetation every day.

In this fascinating clip, a younger male African elephant challenges an older male to a fight. The weaker of the two bulls will be forced to retreat. The competition will be settled through a trial of strength that will involve pushing, tusking, wrestling, and ramming. Both elephants are in musth. This is when a hormone called testosterone pumps through a male elephant’s body, causing it to be extremely aggressive. The clip doesn’t reveal the cause of the tusk-shattering battle; why do you think they are fighting?

Word Challenge

Can you list some adjectives that describe the elephants, their body parts or the fight itself? See if you can include some compound adjectives. A compound adjective is made up of two (or more) words.

e.g. hot-headed, tusk-shattering, bad-tempered,…