Relative clauses: African elephant

4 - Writing Ideas

Inspired by Nature Worksheet

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Writing Ideas

  • Follow the National Geographic elephant link and write your own (informational) report about these fascinating creatures.
  • “Moments after our jeep shuddered to a halt, the massive bull elephant stepped into the road.” Start a piece of descriptive writing that begins with this sentence.
  • “In the High and far-off times, the elephant had no trunk. He had only a blackish, bulgy nose, as big as a boot, that he could wriggle about from side to side.”(Rudyard Kipling) Starting with this sentence, write your own “Just So” story that has the following title: “How the Elephant Got its Trunk.”

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Cameraman, Bob Poole, is charged by a bull elephant.

Credit: BBC One – Nature’s Epic Journeys