Semi-colons: cassowary

4 - Writing Ideas

Inspired by Nature Worksheet

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Writing Ideas

  • You are the cassowary chick featured in the main clip. Realising how worried your father was when you ventured into the rainforest alone, you decide to write an apology letter. You will need to explain why you did it. You will also need to demonstrate your understanding of the dangers that lurk in the forest.
  • Write a short adventure story about a cassowary chick, who was all alone in a rainforest. You will need to think about the following questions: Why was the chick alone? What predators did it encounter? Did the chick need to be rescued?
  • Read Sam Illingworth’s poem The Curious Case of the Cassowary Casque. Use this poem and the video clips as inspiration for writing your own poem about the remarkable southern cassowary.

Related Clip

The importance of cassowaries to the health and growth of rainforests.

Credit: BBC Two – Great Barrier Reef