Commas to clarify meaning: headlight beetle

4 - Writing Ideas

Inspired by Nature Worksheet

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Writing Ideas

  • People travel all over the world to see natural phenomena such as the Northern Lights. Write an advert persuading people to come and see the natural phenomenon of the headlight beetles.
  • Kennings are often used in poetry for effect. A kenning is the process of using a two-word phrase in the place of a one-word noun. Kennings were first used in Anglo-Saxon and Norse poetry. The famous Anglo-Saxon poem Beowulf uses many kennings. Write a poem about a headlight beetle that incorporates kennings. You could include the kennings  ‘fire-bearer’ and ‘night-shiner,’ which derive from the beetle’s Latin name.
  • Imagine you are a flying termite and you manage to escape the clutches of a headlight beetle larvae. Write an adventure story about your brush with death.
  • Research how bioluminescence works and write an explanation of how the headlight beetles use it.

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Adult headlight beetles prepare for take off with an orange glow.

Credit: BBC Two – The Dark: Nature’s Nighttime World