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dictionary skills: giant Pacific octopus

4 - Writing Ideas

Inspired by Nature Worksheet

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Writing Ideas

  • Read the poem Eight Tentacles by Julia Donaldson. Adapt this poem with your own ideas. If you had your own octopus, what tasks would you set it? What would you get each arm to do? Perhaps arm number four could complete any outstanding homework!
  • Watch the related clip below. It shows a cunning octopus evading capture by disguising herself with a protective armour of shells. With other marine creatures impressed by this outfit, she has decided to go into business and make shell suits for a living! Your writing challenge is to create an advertisement that will help boost her sales of shell suits.
  • Find out more about this fascinating creature by visiting the National Geographic website. Now use your knowledge of octopuses to create a True or False quiz.

Related Clip

An octopus shows us why it is the master of disguise in its ‘shell suit.’

Credit: BBC One – Blue Planet II