Expanded noun phrases: banded mongoose

2 - The Grammar Bit

The Grammar Bit!

Read the sentences opposite. They each contain one or more expanded noun phrases. With your talk partner, see if you can identify them. You’ll remember from Year 5 that effective expanded noun phrases should build descriptions of nouns in a concise and precise way.

The most common way to create an expanded noun phrase is to add an adjective before the noun e.g. ‘These nomadic little creatures …’

You can also build description by adding a relative clause or a prepositional phrase after the noun. e.g. ‘The highly visible stripes that run down the entire length of their back (relative clause), and ‘Banded mongoose have large heads with small ears(prepositional phrase).

With your talk partner, read each of the sentences opposite. Identify how the expanded noun phrases have been created – can you find any more prepositional phrases or relative clauses?


Scintillating Sentences

1) Banded Mongoose have large heads with small ears, a long tail and short muscular limbs.

2) These creative hunters with their long, curved, clawed forepaws can break open eggs and snails by throwing them at high speed towards a solid object.

3) These nomadic little creatures get their name from the highly visible dark stripes or bands that run down the entire length of their back.

Did you know?

When a predator approaches banded mongooses, they bunch together and move as a group, creating the appearance of a single large animal. The individuals in front may even stand on their hind legs and make snapping lunges towards the predator.