Hyphens: raccoon

1 - Learning Objective

Learning Objective

We are learning how to use hyphens to avoid ambiguity with word meanings.

Context: raccoon


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Credit: BBC One - Planet Earth II

Clip Description

Raccoons are exceptionally intelligent creatures with highly developed senses of sight, hearing and touch. Known for their sneaky habits and masked bandit-like appearance, they are an incredibly adaptable species. Large populations now thrive in some of North America’s largest cities, due to an abundance of food in these concrete jungles.

In this fascinating clip, under the cover of darkness a ring-tailed raccoon takes to the city’s backstreets and alleyways. In its quest for food, we see the furry creature cross a busy road, squeeze through a tight gap, climb a pair of ladders and tightrope its way across a telephone wire. When it finally stumbles across a garbage bin filled with tasty scraps of food, will it have the skills needed to open it? Watch the clip to find out.

Word Challenge

There is no narration to this particular film clip, but there is some great music in the background. Why do you think this music was chosen? Write a list of words that capture the mood and atmosphere that the music helps create.

e.g. mischievous, restless, secretive, …