Parenthesis: red flying fox

1 - Learning Objective

Learning Objective

We are learning how to use brackets, dashes and commas to indicate parenthesis.

Context: little red flying fox

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Credit: BBC One - Spy In the Wild

Clip Description

Despite its name, the little red flying fox is a species of bat. Do you know the expression ‘blind as a bat?’ In the case of the little red flying fox, which is native to eastern and northern Australia, this simply isn’t true. These fruit-loving, tree-dwelling bats have both excellent sight and smell. Regarded by some farmers as pests (they sometimes eat fruit from orchards) there’s a lot more to this animal than you might expect!

In this fascinating clip, you will see SpyBat, a remote-controlled robotic bat, roosting in a tree along with hundreds of mother bats and their young. While SpyBat has no young of its own, the protective mothers carry their babies at all times and they are very dedicated. But, how easy do you think it is trying to wash your baby when it’s wriggling and you are dangling upside down from the top of a tall tree? Watch the clip to find out.

Word Challenge

Bats fly from tree to tree. How many synonyms can you list for the verb ‘fly?’ Can you think of any adverbs to help describe the verbs more precisely?

e.g. soared gracefully, wheeled steadily, …