Perfect verb form: grizzly bear

1 - Learning Objective

Learning Objective

We are learning how to use the perfect form of verbs.

Context: grizzly bear

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Credit: BBC One - Planet Earth II

Clip Description

A subspecies of the brown bear, the grizzly bear is found in North America. Its name derives from the white-tipped ‘grizzled’ fur that covers its body. The grizzly bear’s Latin name, Ursus horriblis, means ‘terrifying bear.’ When rearing up on its hind legs, some individuals stand at over two and a half metres tall.

In this fascinating clip, the Planet Earth II team have hidden remote camera traps amongst fur trees in an attempt to film the secretive world of grizzly bears. Incredibly, the cameras capture the bears vigorously rubbing their backs against the trunks of the trees. Why have these bears travelled from far and wide to engage in this unusual behaviour? Do they have itches that are just too difficult to scratch or could there be another reason? Watch the clip to find out.

Word Challenge

‘Ough’ is one of the trickiest spellings in the English language. This is because it can be used to spell a number of different sounds. Can you make a list of words that contain ‘ough’ and relate to the back-scratching bears in the clip?

e.g. bough, thorough, rough, …