Proofreading: cuttlefish

1 - Learning Objective

Learning Objective

We are learning how to proofread for spelling and punctuation errors.

Context: cuttlefish

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Credit: BBC One - Blue Planet II

Clip Description

Cuttlefish are amazing alien-like creatures that, along with octopuses and squids, are part of the cephalopod family. These intelligent invertebrates, with tentacles for catching prey and arms for handling food, are the masters of disguise. Scouring the seabed, at depths of 200 metres, they are crab-hunting specialists.

In this fascinating clip, we see a cuttlefish using its hypnotic super power to trap its prey. All is going well for this fearsome predator as it has a large crab in its sights. But, as you know, predators can quickly become the hunted ones. How will a cuttlefish escape certain death when a deadly shark approaches? Watch the clip to find out.

Word Challenge

The cuttlefish is a colour-changing marvel! Make a list of interesting colours. Make a second list of interesting ways to describe texture.

e.g. (colour) sky blue, blood red, emerald green (texture) mottled, velvety, grainy, …