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Proofreading: six-plumed bird of paradise

1 - Learning Objective

Learning Objective

We are learning how to proofread for spelling and punctuation errors.

Context: six-plumed bird of paradise


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Credit: BBC One - Nature's Greatest Dancers

Clip Description

Birds of paradise are exquisite, enchanting birds that live in the dense rainforests of Papa New Guinea and eastern Australia. With over 40 individual species, this family of birds are characterised by their striking colours and elaborate feathers. As they live in such remote areas, little is actually known about these mysterious birds. One thing that is known however, is their amazing dancing rituals!

In this fascinating clip, a male six-plumed bird of paradise (Lawe’s Parotia) prepares his dance floor and then struts his stuff to impress the ladies. He certainly throws some shapes, but will it have the desired effect? Watch the clip to find out.

Word Challenge

There are lots of different verbs to describe dance (such as bop, jiggle, tango, waltz, moonwalk) and lots of adverbs to describe how a dance is done (elegantly, clumsily, embarrassingly). Can you make a list of descriptive dance moves? See if you can include some alliteration.

e.g. bopped bombastically, moonwalked magically, …