Proofreading: spinner dolphin

1 - Learning Objective

Learning Objective

We are learning how to proofread for spelling and punctuation errors.

Context: spinner dolphin

Credit: BBC One - The Blue Planet. This clip may not work on some devices; please see our Help page.

Clip Description

Spinner dolphins are so called due to their amazing ability to spin multiple times in one jump. These dolphins are very playful mammals, known for their acrobatic tricks such as jumping, flipping and twisting above the water’s surface.

In this fascinating clip, a super pod of spinner dolphins gather together after feeding proves fruitful in the area. Watch them leap from the water in what would appear to be a purely social display, showing the behaviour which earned them their name. Well known for their hunting prowess, the spinners are soon followed by yellowfin tuna. However, only the strong adult tuna fish have the stamina to keep up with the dolphins as they continue their search for food. How many complete rotations do you envisage the spinners make as they leap out of the water? Watch the clip to find out.

Word Challenge

After watching the clip, look at Year 5/6 Word List.

Circle the words which could relate to the spinner dolphins, their habitat or what they are known for. Record them somewhere safe (a vocabulary journal perhaps) – you may need them as you progress through these activities.