Semi-colons: leopard seal

1 - Learning Objective

Learning Objective

We are learning how to write sentences that use a semi-colon to mark a boundary between two main clauses.

Context: leopard seal

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Credit: BBC One - Seven Worlds, One Planet

Clip Description

At over three metres long, and with a spotted coat very similar to its namesake, the slender serpent-like leopard seal is a fearsome Antarctic predator. The only seal that feasts on warm-blooded animals, such as penguins, crabeater and Weddell seals, leopard seals use their powerful jaws and long teeth to kill their prey.

In this fascinating clip, an exhausted penguin must face the ultimate test of courage; remain on an ice floe and starve, or take to the water and risk being eaten by a leopard seal. Despite the obvious risks, this plucky penguin takes the plunge and manages to live to tell the tale.Why do you think the penguin is so fortunate? Watch the clip to find out.

Word Challenge

Can you make a list of powerful adverbs that describe how both the leopard seal and the penguin moved at various points within the clip?

eg. (seal) casually, powerfully, (penguin) desperately, frantically, …