Semi-colons: white stork

1 - Learning Objective

Learning Objective

We are learning how to write sentences that use a semi-colon to mark a boundary between two main clauses.

Context: white stork

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Credit: BBC Two - Nature's Weirdest Events

Clip Description

Being a stork involves a lot of flying – not because they carry babies to new parents (that’s just a myth!), but because they migrate from Europe and Asia to South Africa every winter and then return in the spring.

In this fascinating clip, we see a female stork who has befriended the caretaker of a school. Finding the stork injured by the side of a busy road, the caretaker helped nurse the large wading bird back to health and even built her a nest so that she might be able to find a male stork to mate with. What do you think happens when the male migrates to South Africa in the winter, leaving her in the cold?

Word Challenge

Storks make huge nests in which to raise their young. These nests are often built on the tops of buildings and other human constructions. In Germany, a stork nesting on a building is considered good luck, giving it protection from fires.

Make a list of words and phrases that best describe a stork’s nest.

e.g. haphazard bundle of sticks, a lucky charm, man’s best friend, …