Inspired by nature | Please note that the Natural Curriculum is a beta site: we are currently piloting the site with Year 4 , Year 5 and Year 6 teachers, whose feedback we will use to ensure our site’s content is of the highest possible standard for classroom learning. However, given the COVID-19 crisis, we have opened the site to the public to support home learning during this unprecedented time. In addition to this, we have produced a bank of literacy resources for Years 1-6 to help support parents with their children's home learning. For hour-long grammar lessons, click on the 'Year 4 Grammar Lessons' circle, or the 'Year 5 Grammar Lessons' circle, or the 'Year 6 Grammar Lessons' circle. For literacy resources to assist parents with home learning, click on the 'Home Learning (Year 1-6)' circle.


Is all of the content on the Natural Curriculum pilot site free to use?

With an ERA Licence, your school can access all of the site’s resources free of charge. The vast majority of schools in the UK have an ERA Licence, but if you need to check, click here.

Am I able to adapt the downloadable resources to use with my classes?

Yes, you are able to adapt the downloadable resources to use with your classes. However, you are not permitted to adapt the resources for commercial use.

Can I adapt the clips for use with my classes?

No – whilst holding an ERA Licence allows you to use all of the site’s captivating clips free of charge, you are not permitted to adapt the clips.

I would like to create content for the Natural Curriculum – can I upload this to the site?

Whilst in the future we would love for teachers across the country to be able to share their own content on the site, this is not currently available on the pilot site.

I have a question that hasn’t been answered here / a suggestions for the Natural Curriculum – is there someone I can contact?

Yes, you can email with any questions or suggestions that you have for the site.

Is there a way to give feedback on the Natural Curriculum?

Yes, to complete our online feedback form, please click here.

How do I use the lessons on the Natural Curriculum pilot site?

See the illustrated step-by-step guide below for details on how to use the Natural Curriculum pilot site!

How to use the ‘Home’ page…

How to use Screen 1: ‘Learning Objective’…

How to use Screen 2: ‘The Grammar Bit’…

How to use Screen 3:  ‘Whiteboard Challenges’…

How to use Screen 4 – ‘Writing Ideas’…