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Writing Activities: Year 1

American crocodile

With its scaly skin and exposed teeth, the American crocodile looks similar to a dinosaur. In fact, modern crocodiles first existed about 80 million years ago, when the dinosaurs were still alive. American crocodiles can grow to 20 feet in length; that’s three times as long as a very tall adult. The creatures will hunt any other animals they meet in their watery habitats.

In this clip, we will learn about the crocodile’s connections with the ancient world, and how it has remained largely unchanged since the time when dinosaurs roamed the Earth.


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Credit: BBC Two – Natural World

Literacy idea

Pause the clip at an exciting moment and make a drawing of the crocodile as it swims though the water. Then label the crocodile’s eyes, teeth, claws and skin, and use an adjective (describing word) to describe each body part. For example:

  • shining eyes;
  • terrifying teeth;
  • fearsome claws;
  • thick skin.

Wider curriculum idea

Think of three questions that you would ask a crocodile if you ever met one. Then ask somebody at home to pretend to be a crocodile and ask them your questions!