Writing Activities: Year 1


Brown hares look similar to rabbits but they are different in many ways. They are a lot bigger than rabbits and their ears are longer, with black tips.

In this clip, we see some baby brown hares (called ‘leverets’) huddling together for warmth in the long grass.


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Credit: BBC Two - Springwatch

Literacy idea
Here is an example of an acrostic poem, where the first letter of each line spells out the word ‘hares’:

Here the baby hares lie in the long, long grass
All together, they huddle to keep warm
Rabbits might look similar but hares are different in lots of ways
Everyone loves their fluffy tails
Some people think they are adorable – I think so too!

Now write your own acrostic poem about hares.

Wider Curriculum idea

With the help of a grown up make your own origami hare from instructables.com