Writing Activities: Year 1


In the wild, pandas live in the cool, wet mountain regions of China. People sometimes think pandas are lazy because they are often found in a sitting position. Actually they are also very good at swimming and climbing trees. They like to be on their own so they can do the thing they love most – eating lots of bamboo! On average, they spend around 12 hours a day eating.

In this clip, we will see Bao Bao the baby panda enjoying a delicious snack.


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Credit: BBC One – Super Cute Animals

Literacy idea

We know that a panda’s favourite food is bamboo, but what is your favourite?

Write a paragraph about your favourite food, explaining why you like it.

You should talk about the following:

  • What it looks like
  • What it smells like
  • What it tastes like
  • What it feels like
  • What it sounds like (either when you are cooking it or eating it!)

Wider curriculum idea

Using these pictures of pandas from natgeokids.com, draw a picture of a panda. Why not give it to a friend or family member and tell them a fact you have learnt about pandas today?