Writing Activities: Year 1

Polar bear

Polar Bears live in the Arctic. They are very good swimmers and like to swim around the Arctic coast. They live in one of the coldest environments in the world, so they have a thick coat of fur and a layer of fat to keep themselves warm.

In this clip, we will see a family of polar bears in their habitat, exploring their icy cold surroundings.


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Credit: BBC Two – Wonders of Nature

Literacy idea

Write 3 sentences to describe the polar bears in the clip.

Use the examples below to help you:

  • The baby polar bears are very cute when they play in the snow.
  • The polar bears enjoy sliding down the hills.
  • The polar bears are furry to help them keep warm in the snow.

Remember to start each sentence with a capital letter and end each sentence with a full stop.

Wider curriculum idea

Try some of these fun polar-bear related craft activities at dltk-kids.com.* Don’t worry if you don’t have a printer – you can use the images to draw your own polar bear!

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