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Writing Activities: Year 1

Pygmy three-toed sloth

The pygmy three-toed sloth lives on a tiny Caribbean island called Escudo de Veragua.

The pygmy three-toed sloth is smaller than a regular sloth. It lives in small shrubs and trees.

In this clip we will see a pygmy three-toed sloth trying to find love. Will he find ‘the one’?


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Credit: BBC One - Planet Earth II

Literacy idea

Write a story about a sloth – remember to give it a name!

Use the example below to help you:

Once upon a time, there was a silly sloth whose name was Sammy. One sunny day, he went for a swim in the sea. Unfortunately, he got lost and couldn’t find his way home! Luckily, he bumped into a friend, and they swam back to the shore together. In the end, they ate a lovely dinner made up of fruit, leaves and insects. Yummy!

Once you have finished your story, read it to a family member or friend.

Wider Curriculum idea

Draw a picture of the sloth from your story. You can use these pictures of sloths from National Geographic to help you.