Writing Activities: Year 1

Red squirrel

In the UK, red squirrels are most likely to be found in woodland areas. Their favourite foods include hazelnuts and pinecones. Their nests are called ‘dreys’ and are made of leaves, twigs and pieces of bark.You can find red squirrels’ dreys high up in trees.

In this clip, we will see the red squirrel getting ready for bed in its cosy blanket of moss and wool.


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Credit: BBC Two - Springwatch

Literacy idea

Write a bedtime poem to help send our squirrel friend to sleep.

You could start each line with ‘Good night, Squirrel!’. Here is an example:

Good night, Squirrel! You have had a busy day, so you need to go to sleep.

Good night, Squirrel! Remember to brush your teeth before you go to bed.

You can either continue this poem or write your own.

Wider curriculum idea

Read these facts about red squirrels from primaryfacts.com.* Once you have finished reading them, pick your favourite fact and share it with your friends and family!

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