Writing Activities: Year 2


Badgers are short, stout animals. They are good at digging underground burrows, called ‘setts’. Badgers can grow up to a metre long and they have loose-fitting skin. Badgers like to eat earthworms and in a single night they can eat over 200.

In this clip we will see two badgers making an appearance as a fox forages for food. Can you spot them in the background?


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Credit: BBC Two - Autumnwatch

Literacy idea

Write the conversation that you think is taking place between the fox and the two badgers in the video clip.

Think about the following questions:

  • What is the fox doing?
  • What is the fox thinking?
  • Why might the badgers be there?
  • Is the fox happy to see the badgers? Why? Why not?

Wider curriculum idea

Draw a picture of a badger and label it using the information from dkfindout.com