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Writing Activities: Year 2

Barbados threadsnake

There are over 3,400 types of snake living on Earth. The world’s smallest snake can be found in Barbados, a Caribbean island. It is only ten centimetres long and, although it is a reptile, its tiny size means that you might think it looks more like an earthworm.

In this clip we will see one of these little snakes up close and discover the benefits of being small.


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Credit: BBC Earth

Literacy idea
Write a story about the adventures of a Barbados threadsnake – remember to give it a name!

Use the sentence starters to help you:

  • Once upon a time, …
  • One day, …
  • Unfortunately, …
  • Luckily, …
  • In the end, …

Wider curriculum idea

Use these pictures of snakes from kids.kiddle.co to draw a snake to go alongside your story.