Writing Activities: Year 2


Robins are one of the UK’s favourite birds. Adult robins have a bright orange-red breast. Males and females look very similar, and they like to sing their songs all year round. They are territorial birds and can be very aggressive!

In this clip, we will see how a clever robin uses a woodland friend to help him find food in the winter.


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Credit: BBC One – Life in the Snow

Literacy idea

Imagine you are a robin. Write a set of numbered instructions to help other robins find food in the winter.

For example…

  1. Use your beak to feel the ground. If it is soft, you will be able to find yummy worms and grubs to eat.
  2. If the ground is frozen, don’t break your beak trying to crack through it!
  3. Look for something or someone that can dig up the ground for you…

You can either continue writing these instructions from number 4 onwards, or write your own.

Wider Curriculum idea

Try some of these fun robin-related activities from rspb.org.uk. Why not try them with a parent, sibling or friend?