Writing Activities: Year 3

Gelada monkey

Gelada monkeys, the world’s only grass-eating monkeys, are found in the Ethiopian Highlands. Often mistaken for baboons, they have coarse, brown hair, dark faces, and pale eyelids. When the males are adults, they grow large, heavy capes of hair on their backs. They are sometimes called ‘bleeding heart monkeys’ because of the red hourglass-shaped patches on their chests.

In this clip, we see some cheeky young Gelada monkeys having fun playing with the film crew’s mini cameras.

Credit: BBC One - Monkey Planet

Literacy idea

Imagine you are a young gelada monkey. Write a diary entry about the cheeky antics you have been up to over the course of the day.

Try to include the following details:

  • Talk about the important events that happened to you throughout the day
  • Describe the places you have visited
  • Describe the people you saw (this might be your family, your friends or your neighbours)
  • Talk about your feelings
  • Talk about what you would like to happen tomorrow
  • Remember to write in the past tense

Once you have finished, why not read it out loud to someone at home? Remember to channel your inner monkey!

Wider Curriculum idea

Gelada monkeys only live in Ethiopia. Research some key facts about Ethiopia from kids-world-travel-guide.com*, and write a paragraph explaining why somebody might like to visit the country.

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