Writing Activities: Year 3


Although hamsters can be found in the wild, it is also common for them to be kept as pets. They have short tails, stubby legs and small ears, making them different to many other kinds of rodents. Hamsters can be many different colours, including grey, brown, black, white, yellow, red or a mixture of several colours. Hamsters were first discovered in Syria, though they live in many places across the globe. In the wild, they like to live in warm, dry areas, like the edges of deserts, large grasslands or sand dunes.

In this clip, we will see a hungry hamster biting off more than he can chew…


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Credit: BBC One – Seven Worlds, One Planet

Literacy idea

Write a fable (a story that teaches people a lesson) about a greedy hamster who finds himself in a similar situation to the one in the clip.

Make sure you include:

  • A gripping opening, introducing the characters and setting
  • A build up of action
  • A problem that your main character faces
  • A resolution to the problem
  • An ending that explains the moral of your story and leaves your reader feeling satisfied

Remember to plan your story and use lots of vivid vocabulary!

Wider Curriculum Idea

Practise your oracy skills by reading your story out loud to a family member or friend. Make sure you capture the dramatic moments using your tone of voice.