Writing Activities: Year 3


Otters have adapted to live on both land and water. They have dense, warm fur and webbed feet, and they are able to close their ears and nose underwater. They like to eat fish and other water-dwelling creatures.

In this clip, we will see these charismatic characters in their home around the Shetland Islands.


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Credit: BBC Two - Winterwatch

Literacy idea

Write a travel brochure for otters all over the world to tell them why they should visit the Shetland Islands.

You should include the following information:

  • Where the Shetland Islands are
  • What the Shetland Islands have to offer otters
  • What makes it different to the places where other otters might live

Wider curriculum idea

Read this information about otters from kids.kiddle.co – use the images of otters to add pictures to your brochure.