Writing Activities: Year 3


Rabbits are small mammals that have whiskers, long ears and short, fluffy tails. They live in the wild, but it is also common for people to keep them as pets.

Although we know that rabbits like to be social, in this clip we see a rabbit called Peter hanging out with some animals that we might not expect.


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Credit: BBC Four - Secret Life of Farm Animals

Literacy idea
Imagine you are Peter the Rabbit. Write a diary entry about your day.

In your diary entry, try to include the following details:

  • Describe how you felt when your owners first left the house
  • Describe the fields that surround the house where you live
  • Discuss the activities and games that you played with your sheep friends
  • Explain why you enjoyed playing with the sheep, even though some people think you are very different to them
  • Describe how you felt when you went back to the house at the end of a long day
  • Discuss what you hope will happen tomorrow

Wider Curriculum idea

With the help of a grown-up, make your very own bunny from activityvillage.co.uk. Once you’ve made something, why not give it to a family member or friend as a gift?

Make sure you only do this activity with adult supervision!