Writing Activities: Year 3

Tusk fish

Tusk fish are usually found on their own or in small schools (groups of fish). They live around reefs, from 1 to 20 metres below the surface of the water. They have large bodies with a black back, white underbelly and yellow fins. They can grow up to 50 cm long and have small, protruding teeth. Often, fish aren’t thought to be very clever, but in recent years tusk fish have been observed using tools – something once thought to be a uniquely human trait!

In this clip, we will see a tusk fish open clams in its own ‘special kitchen’.


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Credit: BBC One – Blue Planet II

Literacy idea

Write a set of instructions for a tusk fish, explaining how to get meat from a clam.

For example…

  1. Find a suitable clam. You might have to search for it under rocks and plants.
  2. Pick the clam up using your mouth and front teeth to help you.

Wider Curriculum Idea

Find your favourite moment in the clip and pause it. Draw the image on your screen as accurately as possible!