Writing Activities: Year 4


There are two types of clownfish – ‘true clownfish’ and ‘false clownfish’! True clownfish are black and white with orange faces, whilst false clownfish (like Nemo!) are bright orange with three distinctive white bars. There are at least 30 known species of clownfish and they live in shallow water. Most clownfish live in the Indian Ocean, the Red Sea and the western Pacific Ocean.

In this clip, we will see some clownfish moving a coconut shell to provide a stable surface for a nursery.


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Credit: BBC One – Blue Planet II

Literacy idea

Write a motivational speech about the importance of working together as a team, using the clown fish in the clip as an example.

You should…

  • Address your audience, and tell them why you are here today
  • Give reasons why it is important to work as a team, and examples of when you might have to work together with others
  • Tell your audience about how the clownfish in the clip worked together to get what they needed
  • Thank your audience for listening

Wider Curriculum Idea

Look at the different types of clownfish on nationalgeographic.com* and pick your favourite. Draw a picture of it and explain why it is your favourite.

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