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Writing Activities: Year 4

Golden-headed lion tamarin

Golden-headed lion tamarins are named after their thick, long, golden manes. They are only found in Brazil. They live in trees and like to eat fruit. These primates move on all fours through the main canopy of the forest. Like other tamarins and marmosets, golden-headed lion tamarins don’t have opposable thumbs like humans and some other primates do. Instead, they have claw-like nails on their fingers and toes.

In this clip, we will see a male golden-headed lion tamarin looking after his young – a very stressful task!


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Credit: BBC One – Primates

Literacy Idea

Imagine you are a golden-headed lion tamarin. Write an advert for your own day-care centre.

Make sure you explain…

  • Why your day-care centre is the best one around
  • What services you offer (such as feeding, grooming, and playing)
  • Why you are a responsible tamarin carer
  • Reviews from previous clients who have enjoyed your day-care services

Wider Curriculum Idea

Use this information on the golden-headed tamarin from worldlandtrust.org to create a fact file on the primate. Practice your artistic skills by decorating your fact file with pictures of the animal.