Writing Activities: Year 4

Golden mole

Golden moles live in sub-Saharan Africa. They have a cylindrical body, short limbs and no tail. Golden moles are completely blind, so they use their excellent hearing to catch their prey. Their skin is tough and loosely attached to their body. They have strong claws, two of which are long and shaped like pickaxes. At night, they travel below the surface of the sand dune, which makes them look like they are swimming through the sand. During the day, they bury themselves up to 35cm deep in the soft sand to escape the hot sun.

In this clip, we will see how a golden mole sticks its furry head in the sand, allowing it to detect the tiniest movement of its termite prey.


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Credit: BBC One – Planet Earth II

Literacy idea

Imagine you are a golden mole. Write a sensory poem about your experience at night. Remember, you cannot see anything, so you must be give vivid descriptions of what you can hear, feel, smell and taste.

You could use the structure below, or come up with your own structure:

I cannot see, but I can hear…

I cannot see, but I can feel…

I cannot see, but I can smell…

I cannot see, but I can taste…

Wider Curriculum Idea

Practise your oracy by reading your poem out loud to a family member or friend. Try to act out how the golden mole is feeling in your poem as accurately as possible.