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Writing Activities: Year 4

Proboscis monkey

Proboscis monkeys are native to Borneo’s jungles. They can be found by the rivers, swamps and coastal mangroves. Proboscis monkeys are the most talented swimmers of all the primates – they have webbed feet and hands to help them swim quickly away from predators. The male proboscis monkeys use their large, drooping noses to attract mates. Scientists believe that their noses create an echo-chamber that amplifies the monkey’s call, which intimidates rival males and attracts females.

In this clip, we will see proboscis monkeys leap into a crocodile-infested river. Will they manage to come out unharmed?


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Credit: BBC Two – Earth’s Tropical Islands

Literacy Idea

Turn off the sound, and write your own narration for the clip.

Make sure you…

  • Describe what is happening throughout the clip
  • Include key information about proboscis monkeys
  • Make sure your tone matches what is happening throughout the clip (e.g. if there is a tense moment, make sure your narration captures this)

Wider Curriculum Idea

Using this information from nationalgeographic.com* create a fact file on proboscis monkeys.

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