Writing Activities: Year 4

Sloth bear

Sloth bears can be found in the forests of South Asia. Looking shaggy and unkempt, they make loud snorting and grunting noises. Generally, sloth bears are nocturnal, solitary animals. At night, they wander round on their own, searching for fresh fruit and insects. They grow up to 6 feet in length and can weigh up to 310 pounds. If they feel like they are in danger, they respond by standing on their hind legs and flash their formidable foreclaws at their enemies. They have black coats and cream-coloured snouts, and usually have a whitish ‘V’ or ‘Y’ design on their chests.

In this clip, we will see how sloth bear cubs avoid predators.


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Credit: BBC Two – Natural World

Literacy Idea

Write a diary entry from the perspective of the sloth bear cub in the clip.

You should…

  • Talk about the important events that happened to you throughout the day
  • Describe the places you have visited and the animals you have seen
  • Talk about your feelings
  • Talk about what you would like to happen tomorrow
  • Remember to write in the past tense

Wider Curriculum Idea

Use this information about sloth bears from kids.sandiegozoo.org to create a quiz for your friends and family. Make sure you remember to write down the correct answers so that you can check whether they are correct!